Words for Warriors is a photography journey sharing written words of support for those who willfully sacrifice their tomorrow for our today. With words of support, encouragement, and gratitude we hope to help create a sense of appreciation for those who serve in our armed forces.

It happened so fast. I was returning home from the war in Korea. Waiting to bored the plane in San Fransisco, she came up and spit in my face. Without even thinking, I broke my hand as I hit her. It was more reactionary than anything else. There were three police officers right behind me, one was an MP. She began screaming hysterically, "Arrest him, you all saw what he did!" Two of them said, "Sorry, we didn't see it." The MP came and said, "I saw it all...you forgot a button on your uniform, button it up before boarding the plane." If your fighting PTSD, get all the help you can. Whether federal, state, county, city, there is help available. Even talking with friends or other service members will help.

Thank you for your sacrifice. Be happy. You have the right to enjoy life. There's a God above that will help you.

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You are not forgotten, not now, not ever!

What you do for yourself will die when you die, what you do for others will live forever, live on. 

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Your service and bravery for your country will keep your nation forever grateful. Stay Brave! Stay Strong! You will be blessed!

Have faith in your ability to find a way through this. Focus on positives. Don't allow fear to force you onto any path.